The Arcav General's Woman

The Arcav General's Woman

Author: Hope Hart

Format: Kindle Edition

Language: English

Description du Livre

How do you choose between honour and love?

Harmless, fun Methi, can always be counted on to get into trouble.

But the cocky Arcav with a heart of gold is slowly being replaced with a cold, bitter male who fights his demons at every turn.

Some Arcav can wait for their mates for centuries before risking insanity. But others can’t.

Methi knows who is mate is. Seeing her is like ripping his guts out. And he’s getting harder and more violent every day.

Taking her would mean breaking his word and losing his honour.

In his position as Guard for the Arcav Queen, Methi has risked his life again and again.

But nothing is as difficult as being near the woman who should be his. The only answer? A mission far from temptation.

Since leaving Earth for Arcavia, Meghan has had one constant in her life. Methi. He’s her best friend, her shoulder to cry on, and the most honourable man she knows.

Until he changes without warning.

What do you do when your best friend suddenly leaves?

Pretend it doesn’t hurt and try to move on with your life.

Meghan’s used to being abandoned. If Methi thinks he can come crawling back after ditching her without warning, he couldn’t be more wrong.

She’ll pick up the pieces of her life and move on.

But when Methi’s spaceship goes down on a hostile planet, Meghan realizes she’ll do anything to get him back- even if it means breaking her own heart.

With danger and betrayal on the horizon, will Methi and Meghan risk it all? Or with they say goodbye... forever?

Andrée Bédard
Je vous recommanderai à mes collègues. Leur miracle de Noël est les livres les plus précieux que nous ayons jamais achetés. Je serais perdu sans ça. Je suis complète ment époustouflé.
Blanchefle Morneau
Enfin, je reçois cet ebook, merci pour tous ces miracles de Noël que je peux obtenir maintenant!
Alphonse Ratté
Je tiens à vous remercier personnellement pour vos livres exceptionnels. C’est vraiment merveilleux.
Gradasso Martel
Leur Miracle de Noel était le meilleur livre que j’ai jamais acheter. Leur Miracle de Noel a fait exactement ce que tu as dit qu’il faisait.
Émilie Aucoin
Mes amis sont tellement fous qu’ils ne savent pas comment j’ai tous les ebook de haute qualité qu’ils n’ont pas!