An Outlawed Heiress & Her Duke

An Outlawed Heiress & Her Duke

Author: Denise Daye

Format: Kindle Edition

Language: English

Description du Livre

In this epic and haunting tale set in Victorian America, a woman must find her way through peril, uncertainty, and loss to find the strength to love again.

After her beloved father passes away and her family’s trusted lawyer mysteriously vanishes in the Wild West, Esther Silverton, heiress to one of the most powerful fortunes in the nation, finds herself fighting her late father’s devious business partner not only over what’s rightfully hers but her very life as well.

Robbed from the comforts of golden doors and opulent dresses and thrown into the slums of poverty-stricken New York, Esther must bet all she has left on disguising herself as a man and posing as a travelers’ guide. But troubles arise when George Astley, the Duke of Aberdeen, hires her for his daring journey west to the very town her lawyer had disappeared months ago—and she can’t help but fall for the dashing nobleman…

George is having the worst months of his life. His prestigious estate is at the brink of ruin, his beloved sister promised to a pig, and his best friend Billy disappeared with his investment somewhere in the lawless frontier. To make matters even worse, he can’t help but feel attracted to this cunning and brave guide of his—who happens to be a man...

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