Unprepared: Surviving an EMP attack on American soil

Unprepared: Surviving an EMP attack on American soil

Author: Gavin Shoebridge

Format: Kindle Edition

Pages: 213

Description du Livre

What would you do if your phone, electricity and vehicle stopped working?

This became an instant reality for Kelly and David, a regular couple in central Virginia. They weren't alone, either. Something had rendered every piece of technology useless, from wristwatches to refrigerators. Their entire state - perhaps the entire country - was thrust into a modern stone age as everything with a microchip was rendered unusable.

But they had an advantage over their fellow citizens. Being 'preppers', they realized that the cause was almost certainly an electromagnetic pulse from a detonating nuclear warhead. The problem was, they were far from home in an increasingly hostile countryside as society began its inevitable collapse. They needed to get home to their supplies before others figured it out. But getting there was going to be difficult, and once home, staying alive was going to be equally challenging.

The result is story of modern survival, following two ordinary people as they learn to source water & food, protect themselves from looters using what little armaments they have, communicate silently, and form a neighborhood alliance to stay alive in this cutthroat new world. Yet, despite this, the two keep their offbeat senses of humor and human approach to a situation for which they thought they were prepared - but it turns out they weren't. And just when you think they've mastered this new, unwelcoming world, everything changes.

The story will entertain traditional lovers of apocalyptic fiction, but also entices a wider, more contemporary audience to the genre who want more than endless action scenes or two-dimensional characters. Unprepared is an urban disaster story for normal people, just like you.

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