Ketogenic Autophagy: Combine the Keto Diet & Nobel Prize Winning Science to Look and Feel Younger, Lose Weight and Extend Your Life + 28 Day OMAD Meal Plan

Ketogenic Autophagy: Combine the Keto Diet & Nobel Prize Winning Science to Look and Feel Younger, Lose Weight and Extend Your Life + 28 Day OMAD Meal Plan

Author: Thomas Hawthorn

Format: Kindle Edition

Pages: 144

Description du Livre

Nobel Prize Winning Study Discovers Proven Method for Consistent, Long-Term Weight Loss

If you thought there were no more weight loss breakthroughs left… think again.

Here’s the deal.

The traditional “calories in, calories out” weight loss method no longer works.

And restrictive low-fat or vegan diets often leave you hungry and irritable.

However, when you combine the keto diet with a 2016 Nobel Prize winning breakthrough known as autophagy – you get the keto diet on steroids

Just wait until you see the results…

Fast, consistent, weight loss – without exercising or being hungry all day

Plus countless extra health benefits including…

Looking younger, improved digestion, and increased mental clarity.

You can even reduce chronic inflammation and reduce seizures!

Here’s just a fraction of what you’ll learn inside: The #1 myth about the ketogenic diet in 2019 How to test for ketosis without strips Saturated fat causes heart attacks right? Harvard researchers disagree How to get all the fiber you need without eating stuff which tastes like sawdust How to fast for 48 hours without getting hungry OMAD (keto vs. carbs) – the truth Foods to avoid on the ketogenic diet (including some surprising ones) Salmon is good for you, right? Not this kind. Plus what to eat instead. How to break a fast without gaining weight. Most get this wrong. Hidden carbohydrates you wouldn’t expect to find in store bought foods Why do you have headaches while dieting? The answer may surprise you. How to avoid keto flu Can autophagy destroy pre-cancer cells? A report in Nature Research says yes

And much, much more!

Plus you’ll get a 28 day One Meal a Day (OMAD) diet plan.

All written in plain English.

Unlike other diets, there are no expensive supplements needed.

No obscure, difficult to find foods either.

All the delicious meals inside can be made with ingredients found at your local grocery store.

In fact, you’ll find that your new diet is cheaper than a regular American diet.

People have reported losing an average of 7lbs a month on a Ketogenic Autophagy diet.

And you may lose up to 15lbs in your first month!

While feeling full all day!

And while other diet books are repetitive and stuffed with complex medical language.

This lays out the exact steps you need to take to induce autophagy quickly… so you can lose weight, have more energy and feel 10 years younger. So if you want to change your life with this revolutionary new way of eating… scroll up and click “add to cart” to get your copy today! P.S.

People who say the keto diet is unhealthy are usually promoting the “Regular American Diet”, the same diet which has lead to…

40% of Americans being classified as obese.

1 in 3 now suffering from high blood pressure.

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