Affairs To Remember Volume 1: The Private Lives Of 100 Movie Actresses

Affairs To Remember Volume 1: The Private Lives Of 100 Movie Actresses

Author: Alan Royle, Claire Royle

Format: Kindle Edition

Publisher: Royle Publishing

Release Date: May 30, 2019

Description du Livre

This book is my twelfth and is the first of (probably) four volumes that will be looking at the private lives of the better-known actresses of Hollywood history. I have decided to work through these ladies’ private histories alphabetically; each volume will contain 100 individuals, accompanied by hundreds of photographs and scores of quotes. There are a few current stars in this first volume – Jennifer Aniston, Monica Bellucci, Annette Bening, Halle Berry, Saffron Burrows, Jodie Foster etc. – and there are some silent era actresses as well – Theda Bara, Clara Bow, Louise Brooks, Marion Davies and Billie Dove – but the vast majority are performers who operated from the thirties to the eighties. So, if you are into the sex lives of the current crop of movie stars, this book (and its successors) is not for you. My books are basically for those readers who share my fascination for the era of the big studios and the decades immediately following their demise.

Not every big female star was promiscuous, of course, but an awful lot were. The business of working in close proximity to some of the most desirable men (and women) in the world, makes movie acting a unique occupation, one that presents opportunities for extra-marital activity on a daily basis. This, combined with long periods of time away from home on location, brings the possibility of romance and infidelity into play. When we add into this mix the probability of love scenes being rehearsed and shot numerous times and involving the most beautiful men and women on the planet, plus long periods of idleness between set-ups, and we can at least explain why movie stars have a reputation for enjoying many lovers.

I have endeavored to avoid falling into the trap of believing everything I have read about the sex lives of the more notorious stars. However, at various times one must weigh and assess information and make an evaluation. This is not a new difficulty for historians, of course. Everything we know of the past is based on the flimsiest of evidence. In the movie world we have been faced with the extra problem of being deliberately misled by studios bent on presenting their biggest money-earners in the most favorable light, and that often meant blatantly falsifying information on a grand scale. The stars themselves usually made sure their biographers and ghost writers projected them as individuals of perfection or close to it.

Today, we are fortunate to be able to read about our heroes and heroines of the screens of long ago in a more realistic light. Admittedly, some writers take liberties with the truth once their subjects have shuffled off this mortal coil, but most memoirs have a ring of truth about them that studio handouts never had. These days we have bodyguards, secretaries, maids, children and grand-children, siblings, agents, hairdressers, costume designers, chauffeurs and acquaintances writing about the Hollywood of yesteryear and most of these people do not have a major axe to grind. They are just happy to set the record straight. Hopefully, this volume and those to come will also help keep that record straight.

Alan Royle

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