Lee's New School History (Johnson Series Book 1)

Lee's New School History (Johnson Series Book 1)

Author: Susan Pendleton Lee

Format: Kindle Edition

Pages: 315

Publisher: Grapevine Publications

Release Date: February 08, 2009

Description du Livre

It is often stated that American history has been modified, distorted and ignored by many of today’s history text books writers. Claims are heard that students are ill informed in the area of history, and the blame is placed on out-dated text books. I wish to offer an exception to that charge with the presentation of this book. What you will discover is a fresh look at history as told by those who lived closer to the events.

The NEW SCHOOL HISTORY of the UNITED STATES validates the assertions by many historians that public school education recognized the Christian faith as an intricate part of America’s moral fiber. This fine book is evidence of America’s spiritual heritage in it’s history, and it presents, to the student, this fact.

Beside the wealth of information herein, each chapter concludes with a set of questions that challenge the reader's comprehension.

It appears that this book was printed on three different occasions. Once in 1899, again in 1900, and this 1907 edition. It is also important to note that setting type for this book was a laborious process at that period. For this book to have been printed on three different occasions suggest to me that it must have been a very popular book. There may also have been subsequent printings that I am not aware of.

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