Author: Harley Wylde, Jessica Coulter Smith

Format: Kindle Edition

Pages: 76

Language: English

Publisher: Changeling Press LLC

Release Date: June 15, 2018

Description du Livre

Kayla: My twin brother, Johnny, practically disappeared when he started prospecting for the Dixie Reapers, and if I wanted to see him, then it meant going to the compound. I'd never been inside the clubhouse, wasn't supposed to go there, but sometimes the devil on my shoulder prods me into doing things I shouldn't. Johnny made it sound like there were drugs being snorted left and right and orgies, but that wasn't what I found that night.

I never expected to fall for a heartbroken man I could never have, a man much older than me. But that night, Preacher took me in his arms, claimed my virginity with a passion that left me seeing stars, and I knew that I'd made the right decision. Even if it did come back to bite me in the ass two months later. When I'd walked through the door that night, I'd never counted on being fucked by a super hot biker, and I definitely didn't expect to end up pregnant!

Preacher: When I lost my family, before even prospecting for the Dixie Reapers, I'd closed off my heart and vowed to never let another woman in. A quick fuck here and there with the club pussy kept me sane, but no one would ever mean anything to me. Then the most tempting woman I've ever met gave me a night I knew I'd always remember, right before she disappeared.

When she turns up two months later, I find her in the arms of one of the prospects. Fury hits me first, then she knocks me on my ass when she tells me she's pregnant. With my kid. I turned away from god all those years ago, gave up being a minister and signed my life over to the Dixie Reapers. I don't know that I believe in a higher power anymore, but maybe it's time I start praying again. Because giving this woman everything she needs, being the man she deserves, is going to take one hell of a miracle.

Author's Note

Dear Reader,

Thanks to all of you who asked for Preacher's story -- and here it is! Preacher, like all the Dixie Reapers MC books, is a stand alone story, but if you'd like to read the series in chronological order, Preacher takes place between Torch and Rocky. Preacher is not as long as the other books in the series, but I tried to make it just as hot. I can't begin to tell you how much I love these characters, not just in this story, but in the entire series. They hold a special place in my heart, and I hope they will offer you a bit of enjoyment.

The feedback I've received on this series has been amazing and I appreciate each and every one of my readers. Venom, Torch, Rocky, and Bull have been Amazon bestsellers, and that's thanks to all of you. If you have a moment to spare, I would love it if you'd take a few seconds to leave a review. It doesn't have to be long. Just something to let other people know what you liked or didn't like about the books. Reviews not only help other readers, but I love to hear what my readers think. I hope you found the story entertaining and enjoyed that gooey feeling you get when characters get their happily-ever-after.

If you'd like to be notified of future books, you can sign up for my newsletter or follow me on Amazon. Thank you again for taking a chance on my Dixie Reapers and Preacher!

Publisher's Note: Preacher (Dixie Reapers MC 5) first released as Dixie Reapers MC 4.5, however some distribution systems required a series designation revision.

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