Trading Husbands Swapping Wives - The Complete Series: Partner Swap Stories

Trading Husbands Swapping Wives - The Complete Series: Partner Swap Stories

Author: Jamie Hunter

Format: Kindle Edition

Pages: 259

Description du Livre

Follow along on the steamy adventures of first-time hotwife Alicia as she's introduced into the world of threesomes, foursomes, and more! This GIGANTIC 5-book mega series is a complete compilation of the Trading Husbands Swapping Wives saga.

Partner Swap Stories explores every sordid detail of the emotional ride experienced by first-time swingers, wife sharing, and swapping. Each tale drips with hotwife, hothusband action, MFM & FFM threesome sex, borderline cuckold themes, voyeurism, orgy play, dirty talk, and the exciting re-telling of swinger encounters as the husbands and wives, boyfriends and girlfriends, are ultimately reclaimed by their loving partners.

Book One: Trading Husbands Swapping Wives

When Alicia and her best friend confide to each other about their mundane sex lives, Kelly proposes a wildly sexy idea: the two of them trade husbands for the night. What begins as an offhanded joke gains steam as both women consider the possibilities of swapping partners; an idea fleshed out in reality as the guys mutually agree.

Join Alicia's physical and emotional journey as she takes Shane, her friend's well-hung husband, into her marital bed. You'll experience every gut-wrenching, stomach-dropping, butterfly-inducing twist as both women show each other's husbands an amazing sexual time, fulfilling each other's fantasies with such toe-curling success they agree to do it again, and again, and again...

Book Two: Double Date Foursome

The wife-swapping, husband-sharing action continues on the beautiful island of Bermuda, where Alicia, Kelly, Ben and Shane all share the same beachfront cabin. Things heat up as the husbands not only switch partners, but each take the other's wife home for the rest of the night, where Alicia is freely passed back and forth between Shane and Ben.

Book Three: Double Stuffed Fantasy

When Kelly goes away on business, Alicia is left to take 'care' of her husband Shane. But when her own husband Ben invites Shane over to spend a few days with them? The trio engages in a nonstop weekend sex-fest that culminates in fulfilling Alicia's ultimate fantasy: an MFM double penetration threesome.

Enjoy non-stop action and dripping hot sex as Alicia services TWO willing husbands for an entire weekend. The sex is intense on this white-knuckle emotional roller-coaster ride as Alicia is ganged, tag-teamed, spit-roasted, and finally DP'd until she can barely walk away from her marital bed on two shaky legs.

Book Four: Paying the Bet

A whole week... with two husbands! Fresh off her glorious but exhausting 10-day sex romp with Shane and Ben, Alicia is relieved when her friend Kelly finally returns from her trip. And after having taken 'care' of her husband while she was away? The first order of business is paying off Ben's bet...

Join the fun as Alicia is traded - body and soul - to her best friend's household for an unforgettable evening of supercharged, non-stop debauchery, first at a movie theater, then at a sex shop, and then finally, sprawled across the warm blankets of Shane and Kelly's king-sized marital bed.

Book Five: Hotwife Birthday Bang

When Alicia awakens on her birthday morning, she has no idea what's in store for her! But between her husband Ben, her hung lover Shane, and her slutty but adventerous friend Kelly? The day promises to be more than she can handle!

Follow along on this non-stop sexual thrill ride as Alicia embraces - and truly earns! - the title of hotwife<

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