The Industrial Efficiency Triangle Management System

The Industrial Efficiency Triangle Management System

Author: Luis T. Puig

Format: Kindle Edition

Pages: 76

Description du Livre

This is Management 101... real world Management 101, just a few simple steps to become a great manager and/or supervisor in industry.

But first...

How many managers and supervisors have a clear understanding of all the three core elements that make up any industrial setting, Process, Equipment and Personnel?

How many companies, business, and organizations are in a state of disorganization costing thousands of dollars a day?

How many companies, business, and organizations barely know what their Process Baselines are, costing thousands of dollars a day?

How many companies, business, and organizations barely have a handle on their equipment status, status of the repair parts for their equipment, a realistic knowledge of how their equipment is operating, etc?

How many companies, business, and organizations have workers that can barely perform their functions well due to a severe lack of training and good management?

How many? … Too many!

Well, the answer to fix all these problems just mentioned and a few others is here, the Industrial Efficiency Triangle Management System.

This basic complete management system was developed by Luis T. Puig, a veteran of the United States Navy Nuclear Submarine Force and civilian manager, who himself ran into all the previously mentioned problems and then some during many years of trying to straighten out the organizations he was put in charge of.

This system deals with the very basics every manager, supervisor and organizations in general should be thinking in terms of when running their industrial places of work.

In the author's words: "Too many times have I gone to organizations and/or business where disorganization is king, where there are no Process Baselines on which to evaluate how effective the business is, …where there is no effective Managements-Workers communication, …where the Equipment is normally run into the ground, and Preventive Maintenance is just looking at it and seeing that it still starts, …where the shelves in the Parts departments for those equipments have so much dust on them that it is possible to plant bushes on them, …where workers have no training at all, and the excuse for a Training Program is for new people to follow another worker who barely know his/her job to begin with… I can go on and on..."

No more. The Industrial Efficiency Triangle Management System provides the basic guides (not taught in college) on how to understand and manage effectively the three core elements industrial settings are typically made of: the Process, Equipment and the Personnel Elements. Failure to understand them, their importance, and how they interact with each other will cause you efficiency, production, and on the worse cases even the business.

No industrial setting has ever run well without a well trained workforce, no industrial setting has been able to consistently run its machinery/equipment well without it being properly and most importantly realistically well maintained, and finally no industrial setting has been able to improve its Process without first knowing where they are by having a correct and complete Baseline of the existing Production Processes at hand, from which new realistic Production Goals can be developed and implemented.

The book brings not just the overview of the system with full explanations of its parts, and the reasons why the system has been design the way it is, but also Flow Diagrams showing the step-by-steps needed to be taken in order for you, the reader to be on your way into fixing all three Elements in your work place, Process, Equipment and Personnel.

Get the answers and fix your organization before it is too late.

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