The History of Methaqualone (Quaaludes) and How it Applies to Synthetic Substance: The Darkness of the Drug World and How it Relates to Society

The History of Methaqualone (Quaaludes) and How it Applies to Synthetic Substance: The Darkness of the Drug World and How it Relates to Society

Author: Max M.T.B.

Format: Kindle Edition

Pages: 14

Description du Livre

Quaaludes (methaqualone) could have been avoided, but that drug would plague communities until it was finally restricted. Synthetic Substances are following the same path of insanity. Sometimes Americans do not like the truth.

The Complete History
1. Discussion of Advertisement with Quaaludes
2. Global Trouble Indicates Growing Concern and The Effects that Quaaludes have on America
3. Counterfeit Quaaludes and illegal Usage on Streets
4. Government Places Restrictions on Pharmaceutical Companies
5. F.D.A. appears to be “D.O.A.” As This “Blockbuster” Drugs Hit America (synthetic substances)
Some key points in this article: Advertisement by pharmaceutical companies can result to harm and controversy as it has negative effects on society. The havoc in America could have been avoided if officials took into consideration the harmful effects of methaqualone (Quaaludes) in countries overseas. It also makes the connection between synthetic substances and methaqualone. Overall, this paper is both an important history lesson, and shows a pattern that reflects continual problems. This is about Quaaludes (methaqualone) and their entire history. It is an assessment from dozens of collected sources making this a heavily detailed article.

World war II ended and doctors were attempting to provide medical services to a wide range of Americans. The Rorer and Lemmon company was going to introduce a new drug in America. A drug that would be predominate among the global counties, as it displayed widespread havoc. Quaaludes were said to give people a high that was seen in barbiturates, and a drunken feeling but with no onset of impotence, hangover, an aphrodisiacal experience. However, it was marketed and advertised as an extremely safe drug without addiction.
Quaaludes (Sopor, Somnafac, Parest) would be introduced in1965 and have an advertisement campaign that convinced doctors, and patients alike, that it was a safe barbiturate (Barbiturates are sedative medication that was addicting) replacement. This brings up an important question. What controls the pharmaceutical company? It is actually an easy answer, in this case- the American Public.

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