Minimalism: Abundance Through Simplicity (Live A Meaningful Life, Minimalist, Declutter, Stress-Free Living, Lifestyle, Organize, Happiness)

Minimalism: Abundance Through Simplicity (Live A Meaningful Life, Minimalist, Declutter, Stress-Free Living, Lifestyle, Organize, Happiness)

Author: Raine Spada

Format: Kindle Edition

Language: English

Description du Livre

Discover and Learn What Minimalism Can Do for You

If you are new to minimalism, you may think it is about ridding yourself of every luxury you own, but it isn’t. While minimalism is partly about shifting to a simpler, stress-free, and happy lifestyle, it is mainly about shunning the extreme values and meanings we attach to objects and luxuries. Think of minimalism as a ‘zero waste life' where we learn to be happy, comfortable and content with the important things in life compared to having too much of things we don't need, both internally and externally. To understand the principle of minimalism and understand the motivation behind it, we have to take a good look into our thoughts, our ideology, and ourselves. If you are looking for real happiness, it lies in enjoying life as it is and from within as opposed to trying to find it in material possessions.

As Socrates (469 BCE) once put it, “the secret of happiness, you see, is not found in seeking more, but in developing the capacity to enjoy less”. Perhaps this quote sums everything about minimalism; you develop the capacity to enjoy less when you choose to live a minimalistic lifestyle. We're all different from each other, and our uniqueness allows us to have our perspective and personal idea of minimalism, but the concept remains the same; wanting a high quality of life will require us to unburden ourselves from the trapping distractions of life, as defined uniquely by each. The effect of minimalism reduces our burden by helping us become content with the essentials and a few things. As we become more satisfied with what we have, we stop desiring for more and begin to eliminate similar thoughts from our minds, consequently freeing ourselves from life’s clutter, and in turn help us become stress-free. Additionally, a clutter-free life improves focus and having fewer distractions enables the motivation needed on what’s important and necessary. Focusing on the most significant elements greatly empowers us and elevates our mental and emotional level, creating a clear understanding of personal goals and accomplishments. So in essence, the road to simplicity can lead to living a significant and meaningful life, and minimalism can be a way of making our lives simpler and more beautiful.

Some Of What You'll Learn:
The Psychology Behind Minimalism Benefits Of Minimalist Living The Decluttering Process Mindfulness and Much, Much More!

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