Accelerated Learning for Entrepreneurs

Accelerated Learning for Entrepreneurs

Author: Timothy Kenny

Format: Kindle Edition

Language: English

Description du Livre

In Accelerated Learning for Entrepreneurs, Timothy Kenny takes you on a tour through the hidden world of accelerated learning. You will learn the best of the best from learning systems developed in US military experiments, Silicon Valley Startups, Russian universities, medieval monasteries, applied neuroscience and modeling the patterns of prodigious geniuses.

You are about to gain access to the most innovative learning system ever developed for entrepreneurs. This book is for those who understand that to go from 0-60 fast in their business they must be able to learn and implement faster than their competition and stay on top of new trends.
You’ll start out…

learning how the most successful entrepreneurs plan out their learning projects. Once you have drawn up your map and charted your course, you will learn how to find the best resources and people to help and guide you on your learning journey.


- How to find the best books, blogs, videos, discussion forums, classes, ect

- How to identify the most information dense sources of information


- How to find, contact and develop relationships with high quality mentors

- How to establish a mastermind group for long term high level strategic learning
Next, you will delve into the Trifecta of accelerated learning techniques:

- Speed Reading (How to quickly find and extract the golden nuggets out of books, audios and videos faster)

- Synthesizing information better (How to connect and condense the most important ideas, processes and systems from a book and turn them into actionable steps)

- Memorizing information so that you can put it to use (How to systematize reviewing information, keeping your library of information well organized and how to use a unique visual Mnemonics system for memorizing speeches, mindmaps, and books)
Each step…

in this learning system is focused on getting you one step closer to taking high leverage action in your business. You will come out at the end with a systematic approach for quickly gaining expertise in any area of your business in minimal time.
After finishing this book, you will be able to:

1. Extract the golden nuggets of information from any book, video or class.

2. Synthesize them into golden bars of highly valuable and integrated understanding.

3. Lock away the principles, processes and systems you have learned into your own personal memory vault so that they are accessible the moment you need them.

Important Notice: Do Not Buy This Book if You Want to Learn:

1. How to memorize a deck of cards or strings of numbers

This book does not teach memory party tricks or how to compete in a memory championship, only practical mnemonic techniques and information management systems that are useful for real learning and memory retention.

2. How to learn physical (motor) skills

Learning motor skills is not the same as gaining a cognitive understanding of how to build a successful business. The same skills that make you a good football player will not make you a good coach or owner.

3. How to learn languages

Language learning techniques are generally not applicable to learning skills like how to be successful in business. The most important language for entrepreneurs to understand is body language. A primer on body language is included as a bonus chapter at the end of the book.

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