Natural Facelift - The Freez Lift Stolen Chapter from Treat Your Face Like a Salad! (Natural Face Lift - Natural Skin Care)

Natural Facelift - The Freez Lift Stolen Chapter from Treat Your Face Like a Salad! (Natural Face Lift - Natural Skin Care)

Author: Julia M. Busch, Scherely Busch

Format: Kindle Edition

Pages: 21

Language: English

Publisher: Anti-Aging Press, Inc.

Release Date: January 30, 2012

Description du Livre


From the BEST SELLING AUTHOR JULIA BUSCH with over 50 books on kindle. Anti-aging and natural skin care books include:

Facelift Naturally
Treat Your Face Like a Salad Series
Look Younger Naturally
Positively Young
Straighten Your Back to Lift Your Face
Removing Your Own (Skin) Cancer, Moles, Skin Tags, Warts….
Super Neck Tighteners
Super Jowl Firmers
Natural Eye Lift
Cure Rosacea
The Freez Lift
Natural Facelift: Easy Slanting
Facial Master Strokes
Beautiful Breasts Forever
Removing Your Own Cataracts
Power Color Series

This little face lift is so very effective it deserves a book of its own. It is so easy to do, costs absolutely nothing, can revive you and your face in minutes, and practiced daily not only gives you great facial toning, but tightens your pores.

Stolen from Treat Your Face Like a Saladl

What Readers are Saying
About Treat Your Face Like a Salad!

“…incredible amount of information - everything you need to know about how to take care of your skin and more…”

“My Skin Care Bible!”

“… refreshing to know that natural ingredients can clean and beautify your skin as well or better than department store products sold at cosmetic counters…”

“The first time I put one of the dream creams on my hands they looked 10 years younger. This is a big deal. I am 49 years old and have tried everything from the
most expensive to the cheapest creams and nothing worked”

“greatly excited about the simplicity of your book and the effectiveness of your recipes”

“My girlfriend with sensitive, red, blotchy skin ran out of her regular cream and panicked, I had her try one of your creams and she loves it. It made a big difference in her beautiful new complexion.“

Treat Your Face Like a Salad was selected by DoubleDay Health Book Club as a Featured Alternate under the title The Home Guide to Natural Beauty Care. It has also appeared in the Spanish translation Tratamientos Faciales Naturistas.

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