Perfectly Hidden: The Animal Kingdom's Fascinating Camouflage

Perfectly Hidden: The Animal Kingdom's Fascinating Camouflage

Author: Christine Schlitt

Format: Hardcover

Pages: 80

ISBN: 9781620871157

Language: English

Publisher: Sky Pony

Release Date: March 01, 2013

Description du Livre

Have you ever seen a frog that, at first glance, looks like a bump on a log? Or have you spotted a stick insect sitting on a tree branch, all but blending in with the bark? In Perfectly Hidden, children will learn about the Earth’s thirty-five best natural masters of disguise! You’ll discover surprising images and fascinating facts about many types of animals and insects who have incredible camouflage. Be sure to try to find:

• An arctic hare in the white of winter
• A pygmy seahorse waiting in a bed of coral
• A stick insect camouflaged as a twig on a branch
• A crab spider awaiting its prey in a field of flowers
• An orchid mantis who looks like a flower petal
• And many more!

As you encounter each hard-to-find animal, you’ll be able to put your camouflage-spotting skills to the test and try to pick out the disguised creature in each picture. Complete with sidebars full of surprising and interesting facts about each animal—including insight into their clever survival skills—this is a must-read for every child who loves science and unusual animals. The perfect addition to any elementary classroom!

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