The Frog and Prince: Secrets of Positive Networking to Change Your Life

The Frog and Prince: Secrets of Positive Networking to Change Your Life

Author: Darcy Rezac, Judy Thomson, Gayle Hallgren

Format: Hardcover

Pages: 186

ISBN: 9780973226508

Language: English

Publisher: Frog and Prince Networking Corporation

Release Date: December 31, 2003

Description du Livre

This is a business book about networking that draws upon an age-old fairy tale for inspiration -- kissing frogs to find a prince. The book lays out the steps and secrets to build and maintain powerful, positive social networks. The steps are explained using an easy to remember acronym, N.E.T.W.O.R.K, with a chapter devoted to each letter. The secrets, revealed throughout the book, are the underlying philosophy and reflect the attitude of positive networkers. This book also marries the exciting new science of the small-world phenomenon (the importance of weak links and random connections) with the art of networking. And, though it is a business book, the lessons learned apply to one's personal life, as well. Readers learn how to build powerful, positive social networks -- for both business and life. The book contains numerous networking stories based on the authors' personal experiences, techniques used by the great networkers, nuggets of practical networking information, end of chapter summaries for quick reference, and short, amusing frog fables to illustrate the points of each chapter. It is the practical field-guide to the art and science of networking.

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