Information Technology Jobs in America [2007] Corporate & Government Career Guide

Information Technology Jobs in America [2007] Corporate & Government Career Guide

Author: Info Tech Employment

Format: Paperback

Pages: 216

ISBN: 9781933639246

Language: English

Publisher: Info Tech Employment

Release Date: January 01, 2007

Description du Livre

The information technology industry continues to grow in the U.S. and globally. Information Technology Jobs in America 2007]: Corporate & Government Career Guide shows where the jobs are, in the U.S. IT Services Sector and in U.S. Federal, State and Municipal government agencies and departments. Section I . Good News - Companies Keep Hiring as Demand Grows. Why 'Outsourcing' May Lose Its Power as a Scare Word. Shifting Occupations in the Industry. More Managing - Less Programming. Tech Jobs with Government Are Lively, Stable, Secure, and Well-Paid. Salaries show a Higher Paid Class of Employees. Experience Is an Acceptable Substitute for Education. Core Skills Include Business-Process Understanding. Section II explains how to make contact with this special sector for hiring, and how to build a career in the IT services sector. Section III explains Technology in Government, public unionism for emerging technology jobs, and the desirable salaries for these emerging technology titles. The authors describe the technological developments that make technology in government possible. They define the modified processes that now call for staff in Relational Databases, Web Portal Development, Infrastructure Development and Maintenance, Network Computing, Data Security, e-Government, and e-Commerce. Section IV, "What Jobs Are Available in Federal, State and City Government," brings to the forefront the thousands of information technology jobs that exist in all 101 Federal agencies, and in 50 U.S. States and most Municipal government agencies. Detailed Tables show current IT Job Titles for Federal and State and City information technology jobs, Salaries, 5-year Salary Projections, and EstimatedPensions. Financial facts explain why, in today's global economy, an IT career in government is a desirable choice. Section V provides a Step-by-Step guide to "Completing the Application & Hiring Process" for an information technology job in both the Federal and State and City government personnel hiring systems. It explains why a Civil Service Exam is not required in most cases; why experience is an acceptable substitute for education in most government jobs, how to fill out an Experience and Education paper or Knowledge-Skills and Abilities Statement, and Factors for Job Class Salary Ranking and Candidate Ranking. Appendices include Sample Federal IT Job Announcements, and State & City IT Job Descriptions with Qualifications Required, and Required Application Forms. Section VI provides Analytical Articles on Todays Tech Jobs: C++ Computer . Java and JavaScript . Visual Basic . Sun Solaris, Unix, Linux, Network Tech Jobs . Oracle, SQL, FoxPro, Sybase, Database Management . Software Programmer; Software Engineer . Network Programmer, Network Systems . Telecommunications . Web Developer . IT Procurement, IT Training, Project Management and more. The nature of tech work is changing. Information Technology Jobs in America provides a lively read for American employers and employees. With current data, the authors show where the jobs are in Corporate America and in American Federal, State, and Municipal government agencies and departments. Today's information technology hiring practices and opportunities open the field. Salaries show a higher paid class of employees.

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