Too Much To Love: A Ten-Book Romance Box Set

Too Much To Love: A Ten-Book Romance Box Set

Author: Summer Cooper, Scarlet Wilder

Format: Kindle Edition

Pages: 1810

Language: English

Description du Livre

Smart. Sexy. Sassy.
There’s so much to love.
Don’t miss out on this massive collection of romance stories by best-selling author Summer Cooper and Scarlet Wilder!

Included in this boxset:

A Chance To Love
Somebody To Love
Not Mine To Love
First Love: A Single Dad Second Chance Romance
Elemental Love: A Single Dad Second Chance Romance
Accidental Love: A Single Dad Second Chance Romance
Losing It
Risking It
Wanting It
Feeling It

10 standalone, heartwarming, panty-melting stories with no cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed HEA.

Scroll down and see what our swoon-inducing heroes have to say about their special ladies...

A Chance To Love
A cheating husband. Divorced with a young daughter.
My heart died a little when I heard the news about Dana.
When she picked him over me, I left.
I know now I should have stayed and fought for her.
I only hope that it isn’t too late…

Somebody To Love
She smells so good… and I want her all to myself.
I knew that the first time I met her.
But she’s clearly been hurt before by a**holes like me.
I have to convince her I’m not like them.
But if my plan fails, I’ll lose everything.

Not Mine To Love
She’s stalking me, I swear.
Saying hello to her was a mistake.
Getting to know her was an even bigger mistake.
I should have kept my distance.
I shouldn’t be thinking about her in that way.
But it’s too late, now she occupies my most private thoughts...

First Love
That was the first time I really saw Elle, that I took any notice.
I saw her vulnerability and I soon realized she had been bullied.
I wanted to protect her right there and then.
I wanted to run away with her.
But that’s not something the dutiful son of a billionaire should do.

Elemental Love
The help.
As much as I hate that word, I hate her even more.
I hate that she’s in love with my little brother.
I hate that she’s so good with my son.
I hate that she’s the best at what she does.
I hate her so much that I want to rip her clothes off and punish her…

Accidental Love
When I chose to adopt Lily, I closed the door on romance.
Then I saw Eva again.
The girl that once felt so right in my arms.
The girl that ghosted me without a word.
It’s been seven years but apparently, time doesn’t heal all wounds.
I want her to feel the hurt she caused me.

Losing It
Definitely maybe.
Eris has turned into a stunning woman that I can’t take my eyes off.
She wanted me then and still wants me now.
The thing is... she’s my best friend’s sister.
She’s kind of woman you marry.
She’s the kind I stay the hell away from.

Risking It
Women. Booze. Parties.
That’s pretty much my life as a jock.
But seeing her again stirs up memories.
I remember the time I dragged her lifeless body out of the water.
I remember the feeling of almost losing her…
And desperately wanting to never feel that again.

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