Fox's Lair: Twisted Iron MC

Fox's Lair: Twisted Iron MC

Author: Liberty Parker, Kayce Kyle

Format: Kindle Edition

Description du Livre

Fox: My road name is self-explanatory. Not only does it describe me physically, but also my personality; and I’m damn proud of it. Club life and bedding different women daily is the only way to live. Motorcycles, mayhem, and all things illegal is just the way I like it. Made the decision long ago that I didn’t have the desire to ever claim an old lady and be stuck with one woman for the rest of my life. It might look good on my brothers, but I was certain it never would on me. So, I got myself a loyal companion in the form of man’s best friend. Little did I know that my beloved, and most trusted partner in crime would lead me straight to my downfall; Novalee. She’s not just any woman, either. During the day she’s referred to as Doctor Porter. That woman’s mere presence threatens to conjure something deep inside me that I was certain I was incapable of having; which makes her dangerous. She’s a treasure to be had and claiming Novalee would only place her permanently in harm's way. I’ve done my best to avoid allowing myself to completely fall for her. But sometimes I question if I’m being honest with myself about what she’s stirred up inside me. An unexpected turn of events changes both of our lives forever, and now I only hope I don’t live out the rest of my days with regrets. Have my actions, or lack thereof inadvertently placed her in immediate danger? Blood has been shed, and during this, a life taken was the ultimate price.


I’ll never forget the day I first looked into the depth of those ocean blues, and allowed myself to drown. One look at Fox and I had not a single care that he was a known member of the notorious Twisted Iron MC. Sure we live in a small town and people talk. But my profession and reputation far precede any gossip formed from the loose-lipped old biddies in this community. My eyes were set on the prize in the form of one tall, dark blonde-headed, chiseled, work of human art. I’m friends with some of the old ladies from his club. So, his history with women is no newsflash for me. What I was not expecting, however, was the way my body ached to be near his after one lust-filled encounter. I’ve built an amazing life and legacy for myself. I never expected to crave a man the way that I do Fox. I save animal lives for a living, so it seems silly to fantasize about. That is, of course, until my life ends up being the one needing to be saved. All I want is everything I’ve worked so hard for. The moment I get close to having my heart’s desire, becomes the moment my very existence begins to race against the clock. This can’t be how it ends, can it?

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