Price of Magic

Price of Magic

Author: Stephanie Foxe

Format: Kindle Edition

Pages: 246

Description du Livre

All magic has a price, and I’m paying it.

I was able to rescue my friend and save the vampire clan I work for, but my actions have attracted the kind of attention I’ve tried my whole life to avoid.

A dangerous vampire shows up at my house uninvited, and with an offer I can’t refuse. He has information on my mother, someone I’ve long believed to be dead. I find myself getting drawn further and further into his games that risk all my secrets.

When my future goes up in flames, literally, that’s only the beginning. All the ghosts from my past are here to haunt me. I’m learning that I can’t run from everything, no matter how hard I try.

Price of Magic is the second book in the Witch’s Bite urban fantasy series. It features an ass kicking, potion slinging heroine in a fast paced, dangerous tale full of magic and murder. Perfect for fans of McKenzie Hunter, Ilona Andrews, Patricia Briggs, Ella Summers, and Linsey Hall.

Categories for Price of Magic

- Urban Fantasy

- Paranormal Fantasy

- Suspense

- New Adult

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