Silent Storm of The Birthmark

Silent Storm of The Birthmark

Author: Dream Eyes

Format: Kindle Edition

Pages: 205

Publisher: E-Writers

Release Date: August 20, 2017

Description du Livre

Silent Storm of The Birthmark (A Romance and Fatnsy Novella) by Sadeesha Fernando is a romance and mystery story about a college student named Jina Michel. Jina meets a guy who was a stranger to her eyes but somewhat familiar to her heart on a day when she was fallen sick in a road side and that’s where their story begins. Rean Dezlen is the handsome man who steal Jina’s heart leading her to unusual life experiences and forbidden love with him. The mysteriousness of him has made her felt like that she doesn’t belong to this world anymore being the girl for that paranormal handsome creature.
But…The scars of their lives and the hidden secrets of their birth and the signs of their bodies would lead them for forgetting everything around them. The birthmark would be the core point of their lives thereafter. And that would be the reason which fate bought to them that they would not to fall in love with each other…. Yes, the birthmark would be the reason for their meeting and their struggling too…. Will Jina be able to find the secrets behind him? Will Jina be able to solve the puzzle of their mystery romance ever? And, will Rean be able not to fall for her and protect the decision which he has already taken because of the hidden and undisclosed fate of them?

***********************Somewhere in my life**************************
"I am still thinking........It makes me curious..... 
How Can Our Souls Connect Even When Our Bodies Apart.............
How can be the same person finds us even when we don't have single idea of them........... How can one bond of our lives appear in front of us even when we are strangers..............
Sometimes, our bodies do the miracles........Sometimes, it is not only the hearts just like in every love story which feels the bonds of the people we need to reconnect....It's our bodies.......... Our physical language is more visible than the strings in our hearts but.........who knows...............who guess.................who cares................
Though the answer is seem to be complicated the feeling of knowing the answer is so strong more than we imagine.......Doesn't it.....??

""""" Join for a ride of roller-coaster of mystery in love under the light of fantasy """"""
"Silent Storm of the Birthmark"
It's for you who just don't want to escape from curiousness and killing twists with mature rated passion............

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