Morning Magic: How to Sleep Better, Wake Up Productive, and Create a Marvelous Morning Routine

Morning Magic: How to Sleep Better, Wake Up Productive, and Create a Marvelous Morning Routine

Author: Arrmon Abedikichi

Format: Kindle Edition

Pages: 82

Language: English

Publisher: Level-Up Star Publishing

Release Date: December 27, 2016

Description du Livre

Get More Done Before 8 A.M. Than Most Will Do All Day

Learn powerful and effective strategies to wake up refreshed, start the day with success, and create life on YOUR terms.

Do you want to learn how to sleep better, wake up productive, and create a marvelous morning routine without all the hassle? Morning Magic is your cure to the morning blues. If you are tired of snoozing, being unproductive, and starting the day off on the wrong foot, then this book is your answer.

This is a step-by-step guide to creating Morning Magic! What are the 4 Pillars of a Magical Morning?

Waking up and beginning the day is not just about getting up when your alarm goes off. If you want to ensure your success, you must understand all the factors that go into waking up peacefully and having the energy to perform at a peak level. Morning Magic reveals the four pillars to a successful morning: Pillar #1: Bedtime Rituals Pillar #2: High-Quality Sleep Pillar #3: Waking Up Productive Pillar #4: Creating Morning Magic

...but I'm just not a "morning person"

No one is born successful. Every successful person is self-made and determined. So are morning people. They just understand and do certain things, certain ways, that produce certain results. Learn all the key elements of a successful morning routine and how to create your own that will set you up for success each and every day!

Do you constantly wake up and hit snooze?

Learn how to implement the "no snooze policy" and wake up feeling refreshed. Not only will you learn how to improve your sleep, you will also learn how to wake up feeling enthusiastic and excited like a kid on Christmas morning. By creating a meaningful and powerful morning routine, you will look forward to waking up and beginning each day on your own terms.

Morning Magic provides powerful secrets that most people were never taught: 14 bedtime rituals to wind down for sleep 7 simple and effective sleep hacks for optimal rest Top 10 things to avoid before bed 12 Productive wake up strategies Sample morning routines 50+ morning activity ideas Create Your Very Own Morning Magic

Do you want to get more done before 8 a.m. than most people will do all day? It is possible with the Morning Magic plan. You will learn powerful and effective strategies that are easy to implement. Learn how to create your own plan that ensures you start the day in a magical way.

Don't let morning just happen, be the creator of your day. How you start each day can dictate the mood for the rest of the day. Instead of letting things happen to you, decide to take control and call the shots yourself. You have to power to shape and sculpt your life in the image that you desire.

Here are a few of the areas you can improve with a powerful morning routine: Health and diet Planning your day Fitness and exercise Money and finances Family and love Relationships Hobbies and recreation Personal improvement Learning and education Job and career Spirituality and prayer FREE BONUS: Download the Morning Magic Starter Kit

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