Heir to the Triple Throne: A Realistic Breast Expansion Novel

Heir to the Triple Throne: A Realistic Breast Expansion Novel

Author: Janus Rain

Format: Kindle Edition

Pages: 223

Language: English

Description du Livre

Since she was a young girl, Adrienne hated her breasts. They were ugly, flat things, which she had been raised to resent, given her unique genetic defect and appearance. But, when her company makes her an insane, first-of-its-kind offer, Adrienne finds herself agreeing to throw all that aside to grow them to impossible proportions!

Adrienne is offered by her oil company, Biggs-Lawson, an impossibly unique contract -- they have found a massive oil reserve in the Middle East, centered around a pagan religion centered around one single deity; Gayatri. She is a goddess known for fertility and harvest, and historically her vessel, Roxanna, will come to their land and bring wealth and prosperity. For an insane amount of money, Biggs-Lawson wants Adrienne grows her breasts to replicate the goddess, fly overseas, and make the people believe Biggs-Lawson wishes only good things to get the contract signs. She agrees, and is sent with her team -- a beautiful Latina named Olivia, an awkward geek named Frank, and a cheerful dad called Jimmy. As the mission goes on, Adrienne will test the limits of herself, her friends, and her body as she grows to impossible size.

Heir to the Triple Throne is indeed a fetish book written with the primary focus of a woman growing her breasts with no size limit in sight. But it's also a book about beauty and self image, friendship, jealousy, deception, and willpower. It's a fetish book, but it's by no means simply wank material. I spent months on this, and it was no small feat.

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