Not from Here (Not from Here: Selected UFO Articles Book 2)

Not from Here (Not from Here: Selected UFO Articles Book 2)

Author: Preston Dennett, Christine Dennett

Format: Kindle Edition

Pages: 224

Language: English

Publisher: Blue Giant Books

Release Date: May 14, 2016

Description du Livre

Welcome to Volume Two of “Not from Here: Selected UFO Articles” by Preston Dennett. As with the first volume, Dennett ventures deep into the heart of the UFO field, revealing previously unexplored areas. Inside this volume you will find:
One of the hidden dangers of being a UFO investigator is becoming investigated by the UFOs themselves. It’s a clear-cut case of the hunter becoming the hunted.
What exactly is our relationship with extraterrestrials? In some cases, it might be much closer than you think. In fact, there is good evidence that aliens and humans are related.
The technological ability of ETs is astounding, including the power to shrink or enlarge things, including both people and their own ships.
Angel Hair is a rare substance ejected from UFOs. Nobody knows what it is, and only a handful of cases exist. It’s a mystery that has baffled ufologists for decades.
Aliens have multiple agendas, including--as these cases show--the systematic study and collection of plant-life from our planet.
ETs have been known to intervene in human affairs on many occasions. However, only a few people have reported being rescued from a sinking ship by a UFO.
It’s an area of ufology that has received almost no attention. What do UFOs smell like? And what do their odors reveal about the phenomenon? The answers are surprising.
One of the rarest and most bizarre procedures performed onboard a UFO, the UFO breathing pool involve cases in which people are submersed in a breathable liquid.
In some rare instances, when people are taken onboard a UFO, they are made to consume an exotic alien liquid. The question is: why?
UFOs are keeping a very close eye on humanity’s exploration of space. When it comes to rocket launches, somebody out there is watching us. As these cases will show, our space program is being closely monitored by aliens.

Supported by firsthand cases from across the United States and the world, each chapter of “Not from Here: Selected UFO Articles--Volume 2” adds another tiny piece into the vast puzzle of the UFO phenomenon.

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