THE A TO ZEN OF TRAVEL: Changing the way you think about how and why you travel - Introduction by Professor Edward de Bono (THE A TO ZEN OF .... Book 1)

THE A TO ZEN OF TRAVEL: Changing the way you think about how and why you travel - Introduction by Professor Edward de Bono (THE A TO ZEN OF .... Book 1)

Author: Sarah Tucker, Edward de Bono

Format: Kindle Edition

Pages: 170

Language: English

Description du Livre

An innovative travel book for men and women of all ages, The A to Zen of Travel received praise from Professor Edward de Bono, one of the greatest thinkers of the 20th century who writes the introduction to this book.
“This is a fascinating book and very timely. It will greatly enhance your enjoyment of travel. Both how you think about it and how you experience it." says the Professor.
Written by Sarah Tucker, twenty years a travel journalist, author and broadcaster, A to Zen of Travel focuses on how and why specific journeys rid people of emotional baggage.
"I got the idea when someone asked me why I was passionate about travel, and I realised how travel had made me passionate and more tolerant as a person. In the research I did on traveling with teenagers I also realised how travel is vital in creating a sense of identity and self esteem in the young, as well as increasingly acts as a therapy to those in their thirties, forties and fifties.
Holidays are not just taken for recreation, nor are they just taken to achieve. They are increasingly taken to get rid of emotional baggage - frustration, anger, grief, heart break, loss.
Specific journeys I had taken had personally helped me overcome grief or heartbreak, while others had done quite the reverse. And it was nothing to do with five star hotels or first class travel, or missing the flight or any of the usual reasons. I wanted to investigate why some places give you energy while others seem to zap it from you - and so joined forces with Professor Edward de Bono, and the results of my research are in A to Zen.”
Not all travel helps or heals and this book identifies how and why some journeys do. Aimed
at men just as much as it is to women, A to Zen of Travel shows how and why specific journeys rid you of specific emotional baggage and why other destinations drain energy - leaving you cold and empty - dispelling travel myths that everyone should love a place just because a travel 'expert' says so, and sharing travel wisdoms that you are the best judge of what works for you. This book will explain why.

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