Never Finish Last: 18 Rules to Beat Nice Guy Syndrome - Get the Girls and Life You've Always Wanted (Dating Advice for Men to Attract Women)

Never Finish Last: 18 Rules to Beat Nice Guy Syndrome - Get the Girls and Life You've Always Wanted (Dating Advice for Men to Attract Women)

Author: Patrick King

Format: Kindle Edition

Pages: 98

Language: English

Publisher: Plain Key Media

Release Date: March 14, 2015

Description du Livre

You're such a great guy... why don't you ever get the girl?

Does treating a girl well and taking care of her just result in being taken for granted? Does being there for her emotionally just see her into someone else's arms? Doesn't she see that the best guy is right in front of her?!

Not a chance in hell.

I've got news for you: you've got Nice Guy Syndrome and you won't have her respect or affections... unless you demand it! Women aren't blind, and they're not trying to treat you like a shadow (always there, always waiting)... but The Nice Guy actually gives them no choice!

Never Finish Last is the story of The Nice Guy, and how he has been misguided from youth about what women want in relationships and men. It's an institutional problem that determines how The Nice Guy views everything in life... much to his detriment.

What can a Nice Guy learn in Never Finish Last?
* What a friend graveyard is and how to avoid it.
* Why adhering to strictly to chivalry forces people to not give you respect.
* How The Nice Guy isn't always innocent in his intentions.
* If "nice" doesn't finish last, then what does?

As well as:
* The Nice Guy Entitlement Complex.
* How to assert yourself and make your presence known.
* The FEMALE equivalent of The Nice Guy.

It's time to destroy Nice Guy Syndrome and turn your life around. Learn exactly what limiting beliefs and misguided assumptions have led you to where you are, and start getting what you deserve. Best of all, you can remain 100% yourself through the entire process, with no gimmicks or fake tricks. Be so great that the girl that you've always wanted... has no choice but to want you.

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P.S. Kill Nice guy Syndrome and upgrade every aspect of your life!

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