Software Testing Basics - A Complete Handbook

Software Testing Basics - A Complete Handbook

Author: Lakshmi Narayani

Format: Kindle Edition

Pages: 143

Language: English

Description du Livre

About the Book

This book is intended to be a good foundation on Software Testing concepts and processes for an aspiring or a novice tester, or anyone that wants to venture into the very interesting field of Software Testing to learn the basic tricks of the trade. Usage of jargon or complex principles and techniques has been intentionally avoided– These will be part of the Advanced Software Testing book that the author is working on.

The author is very fond of teaching and mentoring and enjoys sharing the knowledge she has accumulated over the years. A couple of years ago, she trained a friend - who was a computer novice, on Software Testing concepts and methods and that friend is a successful software Test Analyst now. She predominantly used the structure followed in this book for the training.

The author has been a Software Testing practitioner for many years and everything that is included in this book is directly coming out of the practical experience.

How is the book organized?

Chapters 1 thru 4 explain the very basic concepts of Software Testing, the systems, the key players and the Software Testing Life Cycle.

Chapters 5 thru 12 elaborate on the test phases and the processes and tools every tester should know about along with some examples and process flow diagrams.

Chapters 13 thru 15 contain some practical wisdom on topics like defect detection techniques, software test effort estimation and how to become a successful Tester. Some of these have also been published as separate e-books.

Chapter 16 has useful exercises on the topics covered in the book to confirm and reinforce the concepts covered in this book. Solutions or answers have not been provided intentionally – that would make it way too easy to skim through and forget. To verify whether the answers are correct, it is recommended to go back and re-read the relevant chapters.

About the Author

Lakshmi Narayani is a Project Manager at Accenture managing software testing projects. She holds a Master’s degree in commerce and has worked in the IT industry for 13 years. She has donned many testing roles from being a Tester to Test Delivery Lead during these years.

She has also been the instructor for various training courses on Software testing when she worked for EFunds International. Her paper on Test Script reviews was published in the 5th Annual QAI Conference. One of her articles was published in Better Software magazine.

She has also published many e-books on various software testing related topics and also rhymes and educational books for children.

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