Persuasion Miracle - Master The Art Of Persuasion To Get What You Want

Persuasion Miracle - Master The Art Of Persuasion To Get What You Want

Author: Graham Bowall, Crystal Graham

Format: Kindle Edition

Pages: 68

Language: English

Publisher: Graham Bowall

Release Date: May 15, 2013

Description du Livre

Discover The Real Secrets To Becoming A Persuasion Master That Other Books Will Not Tell You And Get Anything That You Want!

How would you feel if you could persuade people to do anything that you want? Do you know the secrets of the persuasion masters? What if you could master persuasive writing skills? How would your life change? What about mastering persuasive speech skills – where would that take you? This persuasion book will show you how to do all of that and much more! The art of persuasion is now fully possible for you to master with Persuasion Miracle so that you can persuade one or many people to your way of thinking. How powerful would that be for you?

Persuasion Miracle is very different to other persuasion skills books. There are no convoluted theories and concepts that require a masters degree in psychology to understand! This is written for everyone and contains many powerful persuasion techniques that are easy to understand and apply. Many years ago I realized that I would need good to master powerful persuasive techniques if I was truly going to succeed in life. This was not just in my business life but in my personal relationships as well. So I found and studied the masters of persuasion. I followed super sales people and studied their persuasive techniques. I worked with high flying copywriters so that I could learn all of their incredibly powerful persuasive writing techniques. And I went to hundreds of presentations and studied those presenters who brought the house down with their persuasive communication. I applied these techniques in my own life and I have never looked back. Persuasion Miracle is a record of my journey and is full of examples of persuasion that you can use to transform your life!

Do you wish you knew...

* What persuasion really is and the most important thing that master persuaders do? Section One will reveal a great Persuasion definition and how the persuaders use it to best effect!

* The most important trait of a master persuader? Fail with this one and you won’t get anywhere as Section One will explain!

* The key ingredient that will make your persuasive skills really work? This is vital and Section One has all the answers!

* A golden rule of persuasion that you must apply all of the time to avoid any disappointment? Section Two starts off with a bang and will reveal this golden rule to you!

* The key thing that you must do before you use your new found persuasion skills? Get this wrong and you are in trouble but this part of Section Two will ensure that you don’t!

* How you can make people feel that your suggestions are just what they are looking for? This never fails and you will learn this great secret in Section Two!

* The two essential things that you must do to really get your audience’s attention? Section Three reveals these incredible secrets that will have your audience hanging on your every word!

* What you absolutely must do before you make your presentation? Most people do presentations all wrong and Section Three will explain why this is so important and tell you exactly what to do!

* What you must do at the start and the end of your presentation for the greatest impact? A lot of people fail miserably with this and lose their audience completely so read this vital part of Section Three to make sure that you don’t!

This guide is pure cutting-edge content from someone who has spent years testing and refining what really works to become a master persuader! I have used the techniques in this book to make a fortune in business and to attract the woman of my dreams into my life. This is not a theoretical book but full of real life methods of persuasion that actually work.

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