Quantum Stochastics and Information: Statistics, Filtering and Control

Quantum Stochastics and Information: Statistics, Filtering and Control

Author: Viacheslav P. Belavkin, Madalin Guta

Format: ebook

Pages: 410

ISBN: 9781299671195

Publisher: World Scientific Publishing Company

Release Date: May 10, 2014

Description du Livre

Quantum stochastic calculus has become an indispensable tool in modern quantum physics, its effectiveness being illustrated by recent developments in quantum control which place the calculus at the heart of the theory. Quantum statistics is rapidly taking shape as an intrinsically quantum counterpart to classical statistics, motivated by advances in quantum engineering and the need for better statistical inference tools for quantum systems.This volume contains a selection of regular research articles and reviews by leading researchers in quantum control, quantum statistics, quantum probability and quantum information. The selection offers a unified view of recent trends in quantum stochastics, highlighting the common mathematical language of Hilbert space operators, and the deep connections between classical and quantum stochastic phenomena.Contents: "Quantum Probability and Analysis: "Approximation via Toy Fock Space The Vacuum Adapted Viewpoint "(A C R Belton)"Regular Solutions of Quantum Stochastic Differential Equations "(F Fagnola)"From Algebraic to Analytic Double Product Integrals "(R Hudson)"Product Systems, A Survey with Commutants in View "(M Skeide)"Clifford Algebras, Random Graphs, and Quantum Random Variables "(R Schott & G S Staples)"The Set of Density Operators Modelled on an Orlicz Space "(R F Streater)"Quantum Extensions of the Classical Domination Principle "(V Umanita)"Analysis in Operator Spaces "(B Zegarli/ski)""Quantum Statistics, Filtering and Control: "Quantum Filtering and Optimal Control "(V P Belavkin & S Edwards)"On the Separation Principle in Quantum Control "(L Bouten & R van Handel)"Conciliation of Bayes and Pointwise Quantum State Estimation "(R D Gill)"Optimal Quantum Feedback for Canonical Observables "(J Gough)"Feedback Control of Quantum Systems "(M James)"Local Asymptotic Normality and Optimal Estimation for d-Dimensional Quantum Systems "(J Kahn & M Gu )""Quantum Measurements and Information: "Information Gain in Quantum Continual Measurements "(A Barchielli & G Lupieri)"Noisy Qutrit Channels "(A Checi/ska & K Wodkiewicz)"Additivity of Entangled Channel Capacity Given Quantum Input States "(V P Belavkin & X Dai)"Classical Coding and the Cauchy Schwarz Inequality "(B Janssens)"Note on Information Transmission in Quantum Systems "(N Watanabe)"
Readership: Researchers in quantum physics, quantum mechanics, quantum information and control theory.

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